Send handpicked regards that make an everlasting impact. 

Go for a hassle-free, custom experience of sending high-quality gifts that are chosen by you, perfected by us, and fabulously appreciated by your recipients

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Send handpicked regards that make an everlasting impact.

Go for a hassle-free, custom experience of sending high-quality gifts that are chosen by you, perfected by us, and fabulously appreciated by your recipients.

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Gifting with Regards

Heaps of regards

Streamline your promotional gifting process with large quantities of customized swag, so you never run out of ways to impress.

Bulk promotional gifting

Send regards, boxed

Create bundles of joy that are tastefully crafted, and perfectly packaged, to make your recipients feel valued and appreciated.

Kitting & bundles

Your best regards, fulfilled

Go hassle-free with seamless order processing and delivery of your gifts with our reliable fulfillment services.


Highly regarded

Collaborate with us to bring your unique ideas to life with tailor-made projects that make your brand unforgettable.

Custom projects

The Regards Difference

Our Gifts

Say goodbye to useless swag, with a slapped-on logo label, that ends up in the trash, your brand forgotten.
At Regards Promo, we take pride in offering high-quality gifts that are chosen with care, and personalized with precision, so they resonate with your audience, are kept forever, and leave an everlasting impression of your brand. 

Our Service

We care about your experience as much as we care about our gifts. And that’s saying a lot!

Our dedicated team of gifting experts holds your hand through every aspect, from gift selection and customization to answering all your queries, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

Your Brand

At Regards Promo, we go the extra mile to ensure that your gifts are not only tailored to match your brand's colors, style, and personality but that they also resonate with your recipient audience. 

The result? Gifts that leave a deep impression of your brand while leaving your recipients with a profound fondness towards your company.


Regards’ rave reviews

“I received such good feedback from the people I gifted. They all loved how they can actually USE the product. Useful + beautifully presented. All your credit.”

Alex Gillman


There is nothing you can possibly change; it was so good and appreciated! the fact that you added our logo on the packaging without us asking has shown me who I should use going forward. Thank you!

Simon Bitton

Wolf Popper

“The personal care is amazing. They are so quick on their phones, and they have a super quick response via email and text. They really put the customer first at all times.”

Doug Borths

“Easy — fast process! Highly recommend this.”

Jacob Graham